To most people, a bit of oil by late afternoon is quite reasonable. However, more oil than this around midday is an indication that you have oily skin.

On the upside, oily skin has better natural sun protection compared to normal skin but is prone to acne breakouts. Korean products for oily skin combine aspects of cleansing the skin of excess oil, balancing the skin’s pH and moisturizing it.

Balanced Skin PH Level

Specific emphasis is laid on oil cleansers, mild serums preferably loaded with a tested humectant such as hyaluronic acid, and toners. These restore the skin’s pH to a value of about 5.5.

A well-balanced pH helps to keep the skin barrier active and healthy, keeping the moisture in and bacteria out. Korean products for oily skin also address the constant need to exfoliate at least thrice every week.

The latter helps to keep the pores open and prevent instances of acne breakouts.

January 2017