Step 3 Korean exfoliator is recommended once or twice a week to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating your skin helps to get rid of dead skin cells. The third step of the widely acclaimed Korean skincare routine however not recommended for daily practice.

For persons with overly sensitive skin, it is recommended only to exfoliate once a week. However, if your skin has a tougher texture, you can do it more regularly at a frequency of about three times a week.

Step 3 Korean Exfoliator Purpose

It is worth mentioning that exfoliation not only sloughs off dead skin cells but it also cleans out clogged pores. When you exfoliate and remove the dull layer of dead cells, a brighter, more vibrant skin is revealed underneath.

You can use bead-based or mild enzyme exfoliators to remove the dead skin cells that can cause your skin’s complexion to appear dull and lifeless. Dead cells can block pores and prevent nutrient absorption.

For sensitive facial skin, you can use a gentle facial cleanser or washcloth to scrub and exfoliate your skin gently. It is recommended to follow up with a moisturizer promptly. For persons with normal facial skin using a mild facial scrub, glycolic mask or gentle exfoliating brush should get the job done.

Oily facial skin can be exfoliated using a glycolic pad, facial scrub, or a gentle exfoliating brush. As mentioned, you do not always need to exfoliate especially if you have sensitive skin.

Keep in mind, however, that exfoliating at least twice every week is crucial for clear, vibrant skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells makes it optimal for the rest of your skin care products in a typical Korean skincare routine to get absorbed through your pores and do their magic.

If you notice that your skin is looking a bit dry, sallow, or grey, then its probably time to use a Korean exfoliator.