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Korean Skin Care Routine Steps


The Korean skincare routine is all the rage right now in most places across the globe. More and more women around the planet are practicing it for various skin conditions as well as for the genuine reason for wanting to maintain a healthy and younger-looking skin.

The philosophy behind the Korean skincare routine is simple; it does not rank beauty by the mere absence of acne marks or wrinkles. Instead, the Korean beauty regimen is based on how much effort you put into treating your skin so that it can glow from the inside out.


The Korean Skin Care Routine entails ten unique steps designed to address specific concerns. These are;


Step 1 Korean Cleansing Oil Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 1 – Korean Cleansing Oil

This step aims to remove oil based impurities from your skin.


Step 2 Korean Foaming Cleanser Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 2 – Korean Foaming Cleanser

Foam cleansers, aim to draw any water based impurities the oil cleanser was unable to get rid of in step 1.


Step 3 Korean Exfoliator Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 3 – Korean Exfoliator

Step 3 involves exfoliating your skin which helps to get rid of dead skin cells.



Step 4 Korean Toner Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 4 – Korean Toner

A toner is used to restore your skin’s pH balance to normal. Toners are useful because, after intense cleansing routines, your skin’s pH can be thrown off balance.


Step 5 Korean Essence Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 5 – Korean Essence

Essences hydrate and nourish your skin giving you’re a fairer complexion. An essence speeds up your cell turnover rate making your skin visibly smoother and brighter.


Step 6 Korean Serum Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 6 – Korean Serum

Serums are highly active potions that are designed to address specific such as dark spots or sagging skin.


Step 7 Korean Face Mask Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 7 – Korean Face Mask

Face masks are pieces of cloth that are infused with concentrated skin-loving ingredients.


Step 8 Korean Eye Cream Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 8 – Korean Eye Cream

Eye creams aim to address issues pertaining the thinner skin beneath your eyes. Issues addressed include dark circles and fine lines.


Korean Skin Care Routine Step 9 MoisturizerStep 9 – Korean Moisturizer

Moisturizers restore your skin’s moisture levels after intense cleansing routines.


Step 10 Korean Sunscreen Korean Skin Care RoutineStep 10 – Korean Sunscreen

The final step in a Korean skincare routine involves protecting your skin from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays.




Step 1. Korean Cleansing Oil

Step 2. Korean Foaming Cleanser

Step 3. Korean Exfoliator

Step 4. Korean Toner

Step 5. Korean Essence

Step 6. Korean Serum

Step 7. Korean Face Mask

Step 8. Korean Eye Cream

Step 9. Korean Moisturizer

Step 10. Korean Sunscreen