Step 6 Korean Serum in a Korean skin care routine is designed to address specific issues such as dark spots or sagging skin. Products used in this step are often regarded to as being the “big guns”. Due to the concentrated active ingredients.

For the unacquainted, Korean serums are typically characterized by a silky, non-oily feel to them. They contain a potent brew of active ingredients’ molecules that can quickly and efficiently penetrate the skin.

Korean Serums are highly active potions. Therefore just a few drops should be enough. The lightweight, highly concentrated serum formula sets it apart from moisturizers. Therefore they tend to be heavier and create a more hydrating barrier as opposed to permeating the skin.

For this reason, Korean serums should only be used after you have cleansed and toned up your skin. Then right before you apply any Korean creams. When applied in this order, the method allows the serum product to reach your skin. It can then perform the task it was designed to do.

Most people new to the Korean skin care routine often wonder if they really need a serum. From not understanding what roles it achieves. It can be quite the task understanding what each product in the 10 step Korean skin care routine can do.

In the case a product has Korean characters on the bottle, the mystery deepens further. Serums, as well as ampoule treatments,  are the 6th step in the Korean skin care routine. A favorite step to many Korean women and individuals who grasp their important role.

Step 6 Korean Serum Vitamins And Properties

A typical Korean serum may contain vitamins A and C, known for their mattifying properties. Also Snail mucin which functions to restore and replenish moisture to dry and dull skin. Fermented yeast concentrate, and other active ingredients depending on the manufacturer.

The serum leaves your skin shine-free, soft, and healthy.