Step 4 Korean toner is a valuable step in every Korean skin care routine. A toner can either be a water-based, alcohol-based, or gel-based liquid that is used to restore your skin’s pH balance to normal.

After intense cleansing routines, your skin’s pH can be thrown off balance. Toners are used to balance your skin’s pH levels that are left lingering around 5.5 after you cleanse your skin. The value is slightly alkaline.

So why do you need this extra toning step? As mentioned after you use your regular Korean cleanser, besides your facial skin becoming a tad bit more alkaline. Your skin is also stripped of its natural oils leaving it more prone to damage and inflammation.

Step 4 Korean Toner Purpose

Therefore, the fourth step of the Korean beauty regimen helps to restore balance to your skin again. Your skin is also left dry thanks to the absence of natural oils that prevent moisture loss.

In this dry state, your skin can be a bit more challenging to re-hydrate. Compared to when it’s a bit damp. In step four, toners are the go-to product that not only restores your skin’s moisture but also balances its pH levels.

Simply sprinkle a small amount of toner into your hands and apply it directly onto your skin. Alternatively, you can dispense the toner on a cotton pad and gently swipe around your face while working outwards.

Some toner brands, however, have a notorious reputation for causing irritation. This happens when a person with sensitive skin uses a toner that has alcohol as its base material.

Toning in a Korean skincare routine is an essential step. As it soothes and prepares your skin to absorb the essence used in the next step.

Korean toners are less harsh and drying compared to most other brands offered for sale in beauty stores. I suspect that this may be the reason why they’re referred to as refreshers.

Step 4 Korean Toner Reviews