Step 8 Korean Eye Cream as far as skincare is concerned, prevention is always better than cure. In this regard, Korean eye creams help to keep puffiness, dark circles and fine lines at bay.

The thin, delicate skin beneath the eyes needs to stay moisturized to prevent drying out and the detrimental effects that follow.

Depending on the eye cream product you choose, the focus could be on everything from puffiness, and fine lines to dark circles.

Basically, the 8th step in a Korean skin care routine is meant to address any under eye concerns you might be having.

Step 8 Korean Eye Cream – Application

Using light patting motions, apply the Korean eye cream as tugging and rubbing causes premature wrinkles. These particular skin care products often have a creamy texture that is absorbed quickly.

It eliminates the need to do any rough rubbing just to get the cream to sink in.

If applied correctly in a Korean skin care routine, Korean eye creams are an absolute miracle product. Depending on the brand, eye creams pack a variety of ingredients that may include macadamia oil, Ginseng infusions, Niacinamide, liquorice root and more.

These components soften the skin underneath the eye and brighten any dark circles, eases puffiness around the eyes and gets rid of fine lines.

As mentioned, the skin around the eyes is a lot thinner and therefore more delicate. Keeping it nourished will ensure that you get more youthful, bright, and wrinkle-free skin beneath your eyes for as long as possible.

Although not originally a Korean invention, this step has over the years become an important ritual. After all, you will hardly see any Korean woman with dark circles under their eyes.

You can use Korean eye cream every night for best results. The product can also be applied during the day a couple of times.

It is great to wear under makeup as it doesn’t pose any risk of smearing your concealer.