The rule of thumb is, if you’re going to use Korean oil cleansers on your face, you should, with the same amount enthusiasm and gusto take your time to use a foam cleanser.

Korean Foaming cleansers are the second and essential part of the Korean skin care routine. The second step is also known as double cleansing and involves a water-based product.

Step 2 Korean foaming cleanser is a popular double-cleansing step that Korean skin care enthusiasts swear by.

The first oil cleansing step is often not enough to get rid of all the impurities in your skin. This is because, while the first step is designed to eliminate oil-based material, there are other water-based contaminants present.

The foam cleanser, therefore, aims to draw any remaining impurities the oil cleanser was unable to get rid of. As you might have realized, Korean facial cleansing is a two-step process.

In the second part, the water-based cleanser is applied directly onto the skin. It is massaged in a circular motion, and it foams up. It is widely believed that rubbing the face increases blood circulation, which in turn equals brighter skin.

Step 2 Korean Foaming Cleanser

The second step is called double cleansing for a good reason. After applying the water-based cleanser, rinsing off your face with clean, warm water whisks away any remaining residues and impurities left over from your oil cleanse.

Water-based cleansers, also known as foam cleansers give your skin that extra cleansing effect, ridding it of any impurities missed in the first step. This step is crucial for the clean and clear skin.

The foam and soapy texture of water-based cleansers is an essential component in ridding your skin of bacteria. The second step prepares your skin for the follow-up treatments that come afterwards.

It ensures that your pores are unclogged and ready to absorb any skin care products that come later.