Step 5 of the Korean skin care routine is considered to be the most important step. According to Korean women and enthusiasts worldwide.

The Korean essence step is referred to as being the very heart of the Korean skincare regimen; a step credited to the Korean culture. It surprisingly still remains to be a mystery to many.

A step 5 Korean essence is a treatment product that is similar to serums, boosters, or ampoules. The only difference between an essence and the rest is that it has a more watery consistency. The Korean essence affects your skin on a cellular level.

Step 5 Korean Essence Effects

It speeds up your cell turnover rate making your skin visibly smoother and brighter. Applying this Korean essence hydrates and nourishes your skin giving you’re a fairer complexion.

The Korean essence is a super-concentrated formula of active ingredients. Although the individual ingredients may differ from one product brand to another depending on the type of skin it is meant for. The goal of every Korean essence remains the same.

As mentioned, essences target the skin on a cellular level, brightening and revitalizing your skin all the way.

Although some brands are watery while others have a thicker consistency. The main key, however, is that the substance itself is mineral-rich. This will penetrate your skin’s deeper layers than any of the other routine steps.

After a long day with exposure to dust, smoke, harsh skin care products and other contaminants, your skin deserves all the delicate care it can get. Using a Korean essence as part of your 10 step skin care routine achieves just that for your skin.

Pour a small amount in your palms, apply it to damp, freshly toned skin and pat it in for best results. You will be amazed at the results.