If you are looking for the best Korean skin care set, to make your perfect gifts, then your search is now over. You have landed to the right place! Everyone knows that when it comes to skin care and beauty products, Korean takes the lead.

With the best products and techniques to enhance the natural beauty of a person. Flawless skin, gradient lips and puppy eye makeup are some of the most popular factors of Korean eye makeup.

To make things easier, here is a list of the top 18 Best Korean Skin Care Set gifts To Make Perfect sets and baskets for your dearest family, friends and colleagues.


Best Korean Skin Care Set To Make The Perfect Gifts


Skin Lab – Gentle Vita Exfoliator 

#1 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts


If you are looking for the secret to clear and smooth skin that looks both radiant and fresh, Gentle Vita Exfoliator by Skin&Lab is the product you need! This Korean Advanced Dermatology product with Vitamin C grapefruit exfoliator is a blend of natural ingredients.

It is ideal to be considered as a skin care gift set because the product is for all skin types! Some prominent features include:

  • Gives fast results and takes up to 30 seconds to remove the dead skin from the face, making it look fresh and radiant
  • Shrinks the pores to avoid dirt from settling in the skin causing acne. It is also a known for its quality of removing blackheads and whiteheads
  • Repairs the skin damaged by direct sun rays, restoring its moisture as well


KOOGIS – Bamboo Charcoal Blackhead Removal Mask

#2 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts

The more you start noticing blackheads on your nose, the more annoying it gets! Environment changes are causing rapid changes in the health and skin too. With pollution as a common factor now, blackheads are very common. It clogs your pores and causes acne!

As a solution, the best skin care gift set you can get for your friends or yourself is the Koogis Bamboo Charcoal Tearing Blackhead Removal Mask! Black in colour and smooth in texture, this mask needs to be applied on the areas with blackheads, especially the nose. Once it’s dry, peel it off and enjoy your smooth skin!

Etude House – Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

#3 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts

With 5 star ratings, the Etude Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack has made its reputation in the market. Being a favorite of so many people is how it made our best Korean skin care set gift list. It needs to be applied at night so that the mask works upon making your skin moisturised, hydrated and smooth by the morning! The noticeable features include:

  • Hydrates dry skin, causing less or no breakouts!
  • Gives you a cool feeling on the face, letting you enjoy a soothing experience before you go to bed
  • Contains a smell that is soothing to your senses and doesn’t irritate you while you sleep peacefully
  • Comes in different types letting you choose the most suitable ingredients for your skin type!
  • It has a cute packaging and can be a great skin care gift set!

Secretkey – Snow White Cream

#4 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018

When the skin gets dull in complexion for any reason, girls go crazy looking for a suitable and effective solution to make it brighter and white again.

Fortunately, the solution is now made accessible, affordable and effective with the secret key snow white cream.

That’s right, you just need to apply the cream and let it do the magic on your skin! Here are a few pointers about the cream:

  • It contains nutrients that are derma white in their content to help in whitening of the skin
  • Removes dark spots from the skin making it bright and glowing once again!
  • Also, works on the pores making them tight while leaving the skin smooth well moisturised!

Nature Republic – Soothing Aloe Vera Gel

#5 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts

You must already be aware of the importance of aloe vera when it comes to a clean, hydrated and spotless skin. Aloe vera is an ingredient that suits all skin types and doesn’t have any side effects. The soothing Gel by the Nature Republic 92% of aloe vera gel in it!

  • Reduces the redness of the skin and helps in moisturising the dry patches with just a few days application in the beginning!
  • Perfect to used in the morning every alternate day
  • Absorbs into the skin and doesn’t make your face greasy and oily
  • Contains 300ml of gel in a jar that can be tightly closed once used

Etude House – Face Blur

#6 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts

As the name suggests, the face blur by etude house makes your skin smooth and bright by applying the blurring technique on your skin. Its very light weight and offers multiple effects on the skin, including:

  • Shrinking up the pores, cleansing your skin from deep inside
  • Moisturising the skin, leaving it smooth and silky in feel
  • Minimising the pores and making skin clear and brighter
  • Contains 35 grammes of face conditioning cream in an easy to use a bottle, with very attractive packaging
  • Acting as a great primer to apply before makeup because of its lightweight and non-greasy feel

Avail the Face Blur cream to enjoy smooth and soft skin once again!

Mizon – Snail Repair Eye Cream

#7 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Mizon Our Top Pick For The Best Korean Eye Cream Of 2018

The white cream present in a beautiful brown container makes offers many advantages to the skin. It is one of the best skin care gift set that you can offer to anyone! Snail Repair Eye Cream has the following features:

  • The multifunction formula not only brightens your skin around the eyes to lighten the dark circles but it also offers wrinkle care to make the skin around your eyes look more fresh and tight
  • Skin regeneration is guaranteed with this formula containing snail mucus filtrate, also acting as an anti ageing agent for the skin
  • Contains absolutely no smell of artificial colour
  • It can be beneficial not only for the skin around your eyes but also the neck and the area around your mouth
  • The snail Repair cream paired up with Snail Repair anti wrinkle formula makes up as the best skin care gift set for your friends and colleagues!

Skin&Lab – Red Cream

#8 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts

The fresh and ideal ingredients contained in the cream make it one of the best creams to restore your beauty! Known as one of its kind, the red cream has the following distinct features:

  • Damascus Rose Stem cells acting as the main ingredient gives the cream a smooth texture with a hint of pink colour in it
  • It contains Damascus Rose Stem Cells which takes care of improving dryness and dullness of the skin, making it appear more fresh and radiant!
  • Suitable for both men and women, the red cream makes wonders on your skin during the night and the day. It acts as an anti-ageing cream and has special ingredients that act as agents to reduce wrinkles!
  • It is for all skin types! No matter what the type of your skin is, you can apply it on your face and experience absolutely soft and smooth skin
  • The red coloured container looks very interesting and appealing and makes up for a great skin care gift set along with the red serum!

BB No Makeup Face Blemish Balm Whitening Cream

#9 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018- Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts

Leaving the skin bright and smooth, the BB Makeup Face Blemish Balm Whitening cream is an ideal skin care gift set to experience flawless skin! With SPF 30PA + +, it also works as an effective sunscreen on your face! Here is how the cream works on your skin:

  • Ensures the growth of skin cells by removing the dead cells from the skin
  • EGF present in the formula nourishes the skin and makes it look fresh at all times!
  • Continuously working to ensure the growth of new skin cells, the formula works as an anti-ageing agent, making your skin resist wrinkles with growing age

Let your friends be a part of the magic by sharing this skin care gift set with them!


Kisskin – Premium Diamond Hydro Gel Mask

#10 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Kisskin Korean Face Mask Great For Gift set

To repair the sun damaged skin along with resisting wrinkles on the skin, the premium Diamond Hydro gel has the solution for you!

It is an ideal anti wrinkle skin care gift set for women who don’t get much time to take care of their skin due to their hectic routines.

The plant based ingredients make it absolutely free of any side effects and make your skin smooth and fresh looking without even having to put much time into it!

To top all that, the premium diamond Hydro Gel mask is suitable for sensitive and oily skin type.

The hydrogel is very easy to use and contains exfoliating ingredients to remove the dead skin cells. These ingredients include diamond and pearl powder. While the dead skin cells are taken care by exfoliating agents. Plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera, rose and green tea makes the skin soft and lets you enjoy a glow on your face.

Spread this glow among your friends and family by getting this skin care gift set for them!


Chica y Chico – Killing Star Cleanser

#11 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift

Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts

Popular all around the world, killing star facial cleanser with natural ingredients that cleanse you skin deep making it dirt and oil free. Here are some of the distinct features of the facial cleanser:

  • It is convenient to apply and very easy to wash it off as well. Washing your face once with water is enough and doesn’t require you to keep rubbing trying to get if off, unlike other cleansers
  • It doesn’t let the skin get dry and is luckily suitable for all skin types! So you can get this skincare gift set for anyone you want without having to think if this is even going to suit their skin type or not
  • It also removes the whiteheads and the blackheads to let your skin stay dirt free


Baviphat – Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack

#12 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts


The charm of this lemon whitening sleeping pack lies in its effect that is fast and very obvious! Many people claim to have used expensive whitening creams but when it comes to fast and efficient results, lemon whitening cream is undoubtedly the best!

With super smooth skin, the glow is also regained making you look beautiful and youthful! The bright yellow colour of the packaging is the best makes it an attractive skin care gift set to offer to your friends and family.

Dermal Korea – Collagen Essence Facial Mask Sheets

#13 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift



Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts


So do you have friends and relatives who are extra sensitive about their skin and make sure that whatever they use on the skin gives out the best results according to their skin type? Well, this might just be the best Korean skin care  set for such friends!

It contains 16 sheets of facial mask varying in their ingredients and prepared especially for different skin types. The use of different minerals and ingredients make the process of trying them out on your skin easier and faster!

Identify your skin type and apply the dermal Korea Collagen Essence to see effective results. Being such a versatile and successful product is why it needs to be included in the best Korean skin care set. I won’t give anyone a Korean skin care set that does not have this product.

MIZON – Collagen

#14 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts


To experience tight and supple skin again, get the mizon highly concentrated collagen for yourself and your loved ones! It not only tightens your skin but also tones it up acting as a protective layer to regain the smoothness of the skin and maintain it for future!

The purple packaging is soothing to the eyes and one immediately wants to give it a try. Fortunately, the formula is free of artificial colours and fragrance so women with sensitive skin types don’t need to worry about any reverse or side effects!

The texture of the skin is rather thin and the viscosity is ideally set to absorb into the skin leaving it non-oily and smoother every time!

Mizon – Original Skin Energy

#15 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018 - Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts


With the highly enriched hyaluronic acid, the formula reaches deep inside your skin. The bottle is wrapped with cool blue shades paired up with white to convey its purpose.

It is suitable for quick use taking care of the dryness while regaining it’s the moisture of the skin.

The moisture is created by hyaluronic acid which makes the skin smooth and let it shine! All you have to do is take two drops in your palm and then start gently rubbing it over your face.

The original skin energy by Mizon is all you want in your life, and is all your friends want in their best Korean skin care set gift pack.

TONYMOLY Timeless Ferment Snail Essence Kit

#16 Best Korean Skin Care Set Gift


Best Korean Skin Care Set 2018- Top 18 To Make Perfect Gifts


The Tony moly formula protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and moisturised tour skin deeply leaving it soft and smooth! You can choose among the two sizes of the gel. One of the biggest advantages of the gel is that it is used for the body as well as the face.

Moreover, it contains up to 90% of snail secretion filtrate that filters the dirt from the skin leaving is clean and well hydrated. It can be applied during the day to avail maximum results.

Avail this skin care gift set and let your loved ones benefit from it too. Because everybody wants a smooth and clean skin with a glow and fresh feel to it.

Moreover, minimize the blackheads and let your pores shrink to stop letting dirt settle within your skin causing acne. A smooth and soft skin is guaranteed within the first week of applying it!