Step 1. Korean cleansing oil is effective in removing waterproof mascara and oil-based makeup. The Korean cleansing oil formula entails a simple formula. Incorporating a clear liquid coupled with an oil base to give a non-greasy feel.

In the 10 step Korean skin care routine, Cleansing oil is the first step that aims to remove makeup, dirt, and oil-based impurities from your skin.

The importance of Korean cleansing oils cannot be understated. If water is used in place of a Korean oil cleanser, the contaminants on your skin’s surface are pushed deeper into the pores instead of drawing them out.

How Korean Cleansing Oil Works

Korean cleansing oil is specially formulated to bind to impurities, sebum and other oil-based contaminants efficiently drawing them out.

The formulation allows the dirt, makeup and impurities to be easily washed off. Leaving your skin clean, soft and hydrated preparing it for the second and equally important foam cleansing step.

January 2017

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