Step 2. Korean Foaming cleanser is also known as a double cleanser. Korean foaming cleanser is a water-based formulation. Foam cleansers, are designed to draw out any water based impurities the Korean oil cleanser was unable to remove in the initial step of the Korean Skin care routine.

Korean Foaming Cleanser An Essential Step

Korean Foaming cleansers are essential for clean and clear skin. The soapy texture of Korean foaming cleansers is a vital component for ridding your skin of bacteria.

Korean Foaming cleansers are highly revered as they ready your skin for any follow-up treatments. Skin care experts reiterate the importance of Korean Foaming Cleansers in Korean skin care routine.

The foam cleanser is capable of eliminating any residual traces of impurities making it possible for the skin to absorb other products such as moisturizers and tonics.

In addition to cleansing your skin, blood flow is improved which translates to visibly brighter skin. So, if you desire clean and clear skin, make sure you incorporate a Korean foaming cleanser in your routine.

January 2017