A Korean toner is a water-based, alcohol-based, or gel-based liquid that is used to restore your skin’s pH balance to normal levels. Korean toners are essential because oil and foam cleansing routines may throw off the skin’s pH balance.

A Korean toner also hydrates the skin that is in most cases left dry and stripped off natural oils. In this state, the skin is prone to damage and inflammation. It is, however, important to pay keen attention to the base material used in a Korean toner.

Avoid Alcohol Based Toners

As mentioned, some types of toners have alcohol as the base material. Alcohol is known to irritate sensitive skin. Compared to most products offered in the market, Korean toners are mild and less likely to aggravate any irritation on the skin. Korean toners are an essential component of a beauty regimen as they soothe and prepare the skin for treatments that follow up.

October 2019

Best Korean Toner For Oily Skin 2020 – Top 10 Picks


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