Step 5. Korean essence is a product that has a watery consistency.  It is often likened to serums, boosters, and ampoules. A Korean Essence exerts its influence on the skin at a cellular level.


What Does Korean Essence Do

It is designed to speed up the skin cell’s turnover rate. The result is younger and fairer skin which explains why Korean essence is described as being the very heart and soul of any Korean skin care routine.


Korean essence entails a super-concentrated formula of potent ingredients that revitalize the skin. Although the components may differ slightly from one brand to another, the fundamental principle remains.

Most Korean essences are potent, nutrient and mineral rich formulations that penetrate the skin to give you that desired glow. It provides all the delicate care your skin may need after prolonged exposure to contaminants such as dust and smoke particles.

Despite all the mystery shrouding Korean essences, the results are quite visible and pleasing.

November 2017

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