Taking care of your skin, in a large way entails actually taking preventive measures against harmful exposure to environmental hazards such as UV radiation. Enter Step 10. Korean Sunscreen.

Applying Korean sunscreen is the best way keep aging and other serious consequences such as skin cancer at bay. The sun’s rays are loaded with harmful UVA/UVB rays that pose serious risks to unprotected skin.

Ever wondered what the secret behind your celebrity crush’s flawless skin is? Two words, Korean sunscreen. You’d be surprised how many celebrities worship Korean sunscreen and its ability to keep the skin safe and looking young.

Step 10. Korean Sunscreen Ratings

Most Korean sunscreens are at least SPF 40+. Some, however, go as high as 65+ on the SPF scale. Dermatologists and beauty experts stress the need to apply Korean sunscreen before you head out even during the winter season or cloudy days.

It forms the tenth and final step of any Korean skin care routine meaning the entire treatment wouldn’t be complete without a Korean Sunscreen.

July 2017

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