Korean SkinCare Routine for Oily Skin: The Best solution for your Oily Skin

Korean SkinCare Routine for Oily Skin: Skin care is the most vital characteristic for maintaining one’s charismatic personality. Damaged skin including red patches and acne breakouts can be a major turn off for most people. In this era of intensive antagonism and cut throat competition where every human being is in a constant race with the other, a person is exposed to high level of stress which can make the skin look decrepit and frail.

Pollution and accumulation of toxins on the skin contribute enormously in making your skill look dead, dull and dried out. Besides pollution, unhealthy eating habits and lack of sleep contribute a great deal in increasing the reactivity of your skin which even leads to pre-mature aging of the skin.

Korean SkinCare Routine for Oily Skin: Types of Skin

Appealing physical appearance is preferred by everyone. With this hectic and fast moving lifestyles it is relatively difficult to take out time to pamper oneself. Skin care is inevitable to avoid untimely aging of the skin, wrinkles and massive acne breakout. Different people have different skin types, every type of skin demands unique skin care routine.

Most people have either oily or dry skin whereas some people have normal or combination skin type. Cosmetic companies manufacture skin care, makeup and beauty products after taking skin type in consideration. There are various Korean Skin Care Products available for oily, dry and combination skin types.

Oily Skin Type:

Human body produces oil which helps in keeping the skin healthy but too much oil on your skin is not a good thing and leads to several skin issues. Excessive quantity of oil predominantly causes acne on your skin. Oily skin type is most common among females.

Korean girls struggle in their day to day skin care routine due to oily skin. Therefore, they need to follow Korean skin care routine for oily skin in order to keep their skin healthy, fresh and free of problems.

The 8-step Korean SkinCare Routine for Oily Skin

Oily skin is not easy to manage, it is something we are born with. Oily skin gets frustratingly annoying on the days when you have too much oil on your face. Blackheads is the most prominent sign of having excessive oil on your face.

Here, we have gathered all the minor and major details related to Korean skin care routine for oily skin. By applying these steps in your practical life you can reduce the stress of dealing to oily skin to a considerable extent.

1. Remove Your Makeup

Our list of Korean SkinCare Routine for oily skin has kept this at the first one which shows the significance of this step. Before pampering your skin by applying these skin care steps on your skin, make sure you have no makeup on your face. Always remove makeup from your face using a good makeup remover or facial wipes. Facial wipes remove your foundation and eye makeup thoroughly.

2. Cleanse Your Skin

The secret of which makes Korean SkinCare Routine for oily skin an amazing skin care routine is that it recommends you to cleanse your skin twice.

  • First, cleanse your skin using cleansing oil
  • Second, cleanse your skin using foaming cleanser.

Cleanse Your Skin Using Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil is used to break down any particles of makeup which are left on your skin. These cleansing oil do not make you skin oily. For, oily skin washing away excessive oil is crucial. You need to use a cleanser which washes away oil from your face without penetrating into moisture of your natural skin.

Finding a god cleanser for oily skin can be tricky but there are various admirable Korean products available. A good cleanser prevents oil outburst on your skin without stripping your skin from its necessary oils.

Cleanse Your Skin Using Cleansing Foam

The aim of using a foaming cleanser right after using cleansing oil is to get rid of any oil residue which cleansing oil may not have removed. A cleansing foam removes and provides moisture to your skin without adding up oil in your skin.

Directions for Application of the Cleansing Foam

A cleansing foam can appear to be harsh on your skin so always apply it with soft hands. Here is your guide to the application of foaming cleanser.

  • Gently massage your skin with a good cleanser.
  • Move your hands in circular motion.
  • Keep the product out of your eyes.
  • Leave for more than 10 minutes.
  • Wipe the product from your face using a clean foam.
  • Rinse and wash your face.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

Oily skin has a lot of dead skin on the surface. Exfoliation lets you get rid of dead skin cells from your face. Doing this helps new skin cells to grow. But exfoliating daily is not appropriate for your skin because it turns out to be harsh for your skin. Exfoliate your skin at least two times in a week and four times at most.

4. Use Toner on Your Skin

It is another essential step for Korean SkinCare Routine for oily skin. Using toner for oily skin is exceptionally important because toner helps in balancing the pH level of your skin to its normal state.

Toners also help in reducing your pores which results in minimizing the chances of acne breakouts. While selecting a toner, always make a wise choice because a bad product will affect your skin in a wrong way.

5. Moisturize Your Skin

Using moisturizer after the above steps becomes quite obligatory because your skin become a bit dry after these extensive skin care steps. Use a light moisturizer and apply gently on your face after toning. It is recommended to use a light Aloe Vera gel moisturizer for oily skin.

6. Apply Mask on Your Skin


Choose a good mask specially manufactured for oily skin. Applying mask helps you maintain a balance between your oily skin and all the drying products you apply while following your Korean SkinCare Routine for oily skin. It is best if you use apply mask at night.

Directions for Application of Mask

  • Apply the product using your fingertips.
  • Leave for good twenty minutes or as directed on the packaging of the product.
  • Rinse and wash your face using lukewarm water.

7. Use Eye Cream

After pampering your face, you need to put your attention towards your eyes. If you have under-eye bags then using an eye cream is a must. An eye cream focuses on fines lines and dark circles of your eyes and lets you get rid of them. It is recommended to use eye cream at least twice a week but using it every night plays a huge role in diminishing puffiness and dark circles from your eyes.

8. Sunscreen Protection

One can never put enough stress on protecting your skin from sun. Use a sunscreen protection with good SPF. You can find various sun protection lotions in Korean products, since using SPF is crucial in Korean culture. Korean girls put special attention in keeping their skin protected from UV rays of sun.

Korean SkinCare Routine for Oily Skin: Final Word

The chaotic schedule throws many things on you and your skin no longer remains fresh. It is not easy to deal with oily skin. There can be many more steps related to Korean SkinCare routine for oily skin but the extremely essential ones are mentioned here. Following this skin care routine will guarantee you a better skin.

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