Korean beauty secrets and face care routine

Korean beauty – Korean skin is admired and wanted by women all over the world. It is either their skin routine or their natural beauty which makes everyone crazy over their smooth and perfect skin. However, the secret to their glowing and balanced skin tone is what every woman wants to know. You would be surprised to hear that it is not a secret at all and can be obtained easily if you follow the steps mentioned below regularly and religiously. Following are the steps to get the ideal Korean skin.

Skin Treatment – Korean beauty 

The prime reason why Koreans have such perfect skin is because they have learnt how to master the art of taking care of their skin since they minors. They invest a huge portion of their time over their skin and think of it as an asset. Therefore, they look after their skin very earnestly.

→ Two time cleansing – Korean women cleanse their skin by twice by following two steps. The purpose of cleansing the skin two times is to ensure that all dirt particles are also removed along with the makeup that is there on the skin at the end of the day.

→ Oil Cleansing – The foremost step is to remove the makeup applied on skin by means of a liquid cleanser. Follow this step with using an oil cleanser to properly remove any residue and shreds of makeup present. Rinse your face with warm water after following this process.

→ Post Oil Cleansing – The second procedure is to clarify the skin cleaned by the oil consider. According to Koreans, cleansing is the main element to get clear skin. This is why they focus so much over it. Use a gentle froth cleanser and apply it with your fingers and move it in circular movements so that your skin removes all the impurities and dead skin present.

→ Korean beauty Exfoliation – The reason why exfoliation and cleansing are considered so vital is because they assist in getting rid of the dirt in the skin and unblock pores so that the skin remains soft and gets a chance to breathe. Exfoliation removes all those particles which gather over the skin and helps getting rid of blackheads. Exfoliate your skin twice a week only as following this procedure daily might be too harsh on your skin.

→ Korean beauty Toners – Toners hydrate the skin greatly and also reduce large open pores. This step is followed after the skin has been cleaned and exfoliated so that the skin remains soft and not too dry. Toners revitalize and rejuvenate the skin and give it a cool feeling when applied.

→ Korean beauty Using Essence – Using an essence regularly is a vital part of the Korean skin care routine. This step is followed after the cleansing, exfoliation and toning procedures. An essence is actually a liquid which nitrifies the skin. It has a watery consistency that rejuvenates the skin. It comes in the form of sprays and is used on the face and neck for an even and glowing tone.

→ Korean beauty Hydration – Moisturiser is one of the most vital steps of the Korean skin care regime as it nourishes the skin and prevents it from getting too dry. Koreans prefer moisturizers that contain light weight formulae as they help the skin feeling fresh without being too heavy on the skin as it combines easily with the skin without being too oily. It is applied in round movements around the face and neck by the use of fingers and is gently massaged over the skin.

→ Korean beauty Organic face mask – The benefits of using natural ingredients are innumerable and surely long lasting. Koreans consider natural elements to be a gift for their skin and highly recommend the usage of such remedies for glowing skin. They use face mask which contain organic elements including mucin of snails, green tea and brewed yeast. Use these face packs two times a week.

→ Korean beauty Eye Cream – The area below the eyes has the most delicate and sensitive skin. Use a gentle makeup remover for getting rid of the makeup over and below your eyes. Follow this treatment with the use of an eye cream to keep the skin fresh and hydrated.

→ Korean beauty The Ampoule – Ampoules are refined form of essences. The difference is that they are more viscous than essence.  They serve as the same purpose of that of serums and boosters that are used in Europe and other countries of the west. They revitalize the skin and make it glow by reducing wrinkles and marks.

→ Korean beauty Night Cream – Skin needs to stay fresh not only in the day but also over the night. As we have discussed before that Koreans highly prefer organic products, simply use creams which contain brewed elements like snow lotus juice, bamboo sap and fruit water to get that perfect skin you have always dreamt of.

→ Korean beauty Using Sunblock – Koreans make it a point to not leave their homes without using a sunblock. Besides blocking the harmful rays of the sun, sun blocks are also beneficial for anti-aging and minimize stops. This is why they are used throughout the year.

Healthy diet – Korean beauty

Your skin is a reflection of whatever you consume. The Korean food is packed with ingredients that contain huge quantities of nourishments that are beneficial for the skin. Koreans consume large amount of brewed cabbage and rice wine as they are rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and other mineral that keep the skin supple and nourished.

Your hard work towards your skin care would be of no use if you do not follow a proper skin care routine regularly. Supplying your skin with proper nourishments and treatments is highly essential and one must always take out time for themselves to get that perfect skin. Our skin is highly valuable and must always be maintained. Having a flawless skin not only makes you look good but also boosts your self-confidence about yourself in many ways. Follow the above mentioned steps and see how your skin shines throughout your life.

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